Office Dogs

This year, Vet in the City reached out to employers and employees in technology, design, legal and co-working offices throughout London, looking at the impact of dogs in the workplace. Our research has shown that canine colleagues can improve staff well being and productivity!

Doggy Daycare Legislation

Hard to believe, but until recently, doggy daycares were not subject to any regulation in the UK. A new law, called the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) came into effect on the 1st of October 2018. It now includes strict guidelines on how daycares can be run and also replaces a number of different regulations involving the sale, breeding and boarding of all pets.

Fat Dog Trim

Research has shown that almost 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight and many are obese. We’ve spoken to the UK’s first pet obesity clinic at Cambridge University vet school to learn more about how we can help our overweight dogs. It may sound obvious but their advice is based on years of dog research and results.

Pet Passports

For a long time, taking your dog overseas for a holiday was unthinkable, as strict quarantine regulations applied. But since these regulations were relaxed, thousands of dogs have been joining their pet parents on adventures around the UK and Europe.

Understanding dog food labels

Have you ever turned a bag of dog food around and looked at the label? If so, you may have felt you needed a degree in nutrition to decipher the ingredients! The terms are vague and confusing. Here is a guide to understanding pet food labels. Warning, some of it isn’t very appetising.

We woof you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is great! There are presents, fantastic food and we get to spend time with family and fur friends. But it can pose some dangers to our dogs. Here are a few tips to make sure they enjoy this festive season as much as you do.

Firework Season Safety

The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can be very frightening for dogs, but there are things you can do to minimise their stress levels. Here are Vet in the City’s 12 top tips on how to help your dog stay safe and calm and during firework season.

Puppy Vaccinations- Why and When?

When it comes to puppy vaccinations, there is much to consider from both a health and socialisation point of view. Vet in the City’s Dr Ciara and leading dog behaviourist Louise Glazebrook of The Darling Dog Company offer their advice on why and when vaccines should be given.