Do you visit all doggy daycares in London?
Vet in the City work on a contract basis with all good daycares. Please enquire with your daycare provider or register your interest with us by getting in touch.
When will you see my dog for their health check?
We have scheduled visits for each daycare so this will depend on the daycare your dog attends. Feel free to email us if you would like to know the exact day.
What if I have more than one dog?
Lucky you! We offer a monthly subscription of £24 for your second dog. Three dogs, drop us a line.
Do I need to contact my primary vet?
We will contact your primary vet and request their full medical history, so unless you wish to share further information about your dog’s health, there is nothing else you need to do.
I’m going on holidays with my dog, will he miss out on his treatments?
We will provide you with a Care Package containing of all your dog’s parasite control. If you are travelling overseas, speak to us about our Bon Voyage Bolt-On. Vet in the City can issue a Pet Passport to your dog, vaccinate against Rabies and provide you with additional preventative treatments to protect them against diseases found outside of the UK.
I’m moving doggy daycare, can I transfer my subscription?
If Vet in the City have a contract with your new daycare centre, then absolutely. If not, let them know you would like them to offer our services. Please ensure you give us 30 days written notice prior to transfer.
What are the outcomes of the health checks?
Vet in the City will email a detailed report to you within 24 hours of each and every examination.
My dog hates going to the vet. Why would I do this on a regular basis?
We know! Trips to the vet can be stressful for everyone involved. They often involve taking time off work, sitting in a busy waiting room and standing in a consultation room, often seeing a different vet each time. At daycare, in the company of their pooch pals and friendly daycare family, each assessment is as stress-free as possible.
Who else offers this service?
Though common in many global cities, there are no other vets in London offering daycare consultations.
Will my pet insurance cover this service?
Preventative therapies are encouraged by pet insurance companies but are not covered by most policies.
Are you licensed?

Yes. Vet in the City is a registered veterinary practice of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Dr Martin is a fully qualified veterinary surgeon and registered Member of the RCVS.

I would like to cancel my subscription.
You can withdraw from our services at any time. Please ensure you give us 30 days written notice. See our Terms for full details.
Further questions?

Vet in the City offers a holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness. We visit a select number of doggy daycares in London, providing proactive healthcare and preventive medicine.