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Microchip placement and registration
Annual urine test
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Your dog’s proactive healthcare
Much as we wish, our dogs cannot talk to us. They cannot say their hips are hurting a little, their eyesight isn’t what it used to be, or they’re bothered by a new lump or bump.

Vet in the City takes a holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness. In the company of their pooch pals and friendly human family, each assessment is as stress-free as possible. In fact, examining a relaxed dog in a familiar environment gives a much more accurate picture of their well-being than can often be achieved in the clinic.

Each health check will assess your dog’s
Gait and movement
Weight and body condition
Hydration status
Heart and lung rate, sounds and pulses
Peripheral lymph nodes
Eyes and vision, ears and canals
Skin and coat condition. This includes a flea and tick check and thorough investigation for any lumps, bumps or changes.
Teeth and Gums
Abdominal palpation. This means gently feeling the tummy and inside organs.

We also perform an annual urine test to monitor kidney function.

With regular health and weight checks, we identify concerns at an early stage, allowing for their best possible outcome. Should a concern be found, we will contact you to discuss it. We then send a detailed written report and recommendation to your primary veterinary practitioner and/or London veterinary specialist.
Your dog’s preventative medicine
Preventative care supports a happy and long life. We administer your dog’s annual vaccinations and provide year round protection against parasites.

No one wants their dog to catch an infectious disease, and vaccination is one of the ways that we can help protect them. Annual boosters are necessary against some diseases. But not all.

Vet in the City will administer only those vaccines needed to maintain protection. We use vaccines that are licensed to provide three years protection against Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis and Distemper. Leptospirosis requires a yearly vaccination. Vet in the City provides the improved vaccine that offers protection against all four strains of the disease. This is especially important for dogs who travel. We also provide yearly protection against Kennel Cough. Its name, unfortunately, is a misnomer, as it is transmitted when any dogs are in close contact (like in daycare, not just in kennels). It is spread by coughing, sneezing or nose to nose contact and the intranasal vaccine mirrors this natural route of infection.

Click here for further reading on the diseases we vaccinate your dog against.

Parasite Control
Your dog, their age and breed, alongside their home and daycare environment and travel plans are all considered. We create a flea, mite and worm control programme, tailored to their individual needs.

External Parasites
Itchy and irritating, fleas and other external parasites pass from one animal to another. In the case of fleas, eggs are laid on the animal but can fall into the environment, for instance, into bedding or on the carpet. Often only 5% of a flea population are seen on a dog, and the troublesome remaining 95% can live in your home environment.

Click here for further reading on these parasites and the treatment used.

Internal Parasites
If your dog appears to be in good health, it’s easy to become complacent about deworming. Why go to the expense and hassle of trying to give them a tablet every few months if they seem to be perfectly fine?

The answer is simple. Tapeworm, roundworm, lungworm, hookworm and whipworm – they are all just as nasty as they sound. They can live off your dog for weeks or months without them showing noticeable symptoms. During that time they can be doing lasting damage to their respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system as well as other internal organs.

Sadly, in the case of Lungworm, they can even prove fatal. Some worms can also pass from pets to people, furthering the importance of control. Click here for further reading on these worms and the treatments used.

Regular treatment using veterinary strength prescription-only medicines eliminates the risk of infection and disease. You no longer need to remember when to apply your spot-ons or struggle to give tablets; we do that for you!
Pamper Package
Nail trimming (or as we like to call it, a paw-dicure!), ear cleaning and anal gland expression all done as often as requested or required.
Fewer trips to the groomers, shorter nails and less bum scooting.


Keeping dogs healthy together isn’t just a tagline, it’s something we really believe in. Preventative care, active bodies and minds, balanced nutrition, healthy treats and gentle skin care see our dogs live longer, fuller and happier lives. We are delighted to offer reward codes for the best in dog food, skin care and design apparel.

Butternut Box

We cook and deliver boxes of fresh dog food to homes across the UK. All of our food is cooked-to-order in weekly batches and we tailor each box to the needs of each individual dog. We make all of our meals ourselves in our own human grade kitchen in London. Everything we do feeds back into our company motto, ‘Real good food, Real good times’.

Nationwide delivery.

Huxley Hound

Huxley Hound is an ethical British manufacturer of traceable organic veggies snacks for dogs (and owners). Most people will know that dogs need some vegetable nutrients for a balanced diet but many are unaware they can’t get these vitamins and minerals from a raw vegetable. Our snacks are 100% organic vegetable but are dehydrated to allow dogs to get at these necessary nutrients whilst enjoying delicious chewy treat. The goodness from over 300g or organic vegetables goes into each 30g pack – they really are “Better Than Raw”.

The Better Than Raw range is available online and from select independent pet stores across the UK.

Kyon Natural Dog Food

Kyon Natural Dog Food, is a Greek company, founded with an important purpose: to feed dogs, using only natural, 100% human grade ingredients of the highest quality. Every Kyon treat is hand-made in Athens, using selected suppliers from all over Greece. All of Kyon’s recipes and flavour combinations are inspired by one of the world’s healthiest diets; the Mediterranean diet.

Available directly on our website.


McAdams care deeply about the welfare of all animals. This is why we have created the first pet foods made with whole British free range chicken, supporting ethical and cruelty free British farming. But above all else, we put our emphasis on canine health. This is why we don’t use meat-meal and why we keep our food grain-free. We simply blend our fresh ingredients and bake them in warm air ovens, before cutting and hand sorting. The result is a uniquely aromatic kibble, made with as little interference as possible in the cooking process and you can smell the difference when you open the bag.

Available directly on our website and from leading independent pet shops.

The Dog Treat Company

The Dog Treat Company is an independent family-run business, that was set up in 2015 out of both passion and necessity; passion due to our love of all things furry especially dogs. All of our products are wheat, grain and gluten free, hand baked by us at our purpose-built bakery in South Devon. DEFRA licenced. Our hand-baked dog treats offer more than their fair share of ‘flavour joy’ being made from free-range liver and or premium meats, fish, vegetables and non-GMO/irradiated herbs spices and oils. All sourced right here in the UK as well as all of our packaging. We believe, the finest products of their type currently on the market in the UK or elsewhere. In other words, we believe in the true dictionary definition of treat: ‘something out of the ordinary that provides real pleasure.’

The Dog Treat Company products are available directly on our website and from select independent retailers nationwide.

The Innocent Pet

The Innocent Pet produces premium treats for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. All British, all nutritious and most importantly, all delicious. Handmade in Yorkshire, and using sustainably sourced British meat and quality ingredients, the healthy dog treats are grain free, hypoallergenic, and many are single protein. Our treats are gently air-dried to perfection- a slow process that takes up to 7 days. With pets’ wellbeing at the heart of what we do, our dedicated team makes the highest quality treats that pets adore.

Aavailable directly on our website and from select independent retailers nationwide.

Dug and Bitch

‘Dug and Bitch are a small family business based in the heart of the Scottish Borders, we are a new company formed in 2017, specialising in producing organic, natural and slightly eccentric dog products, we only produce in small batches in our own Scottish workshop, simply we produce, bottle, label, and quality check every item. All our ingredients are organic, natural and can be sourced to a single, ethical source. We never use alcohol, parabens or chemicals in our products. Our slogan ‘Tested on Humans’ is not just for marketing, nothing goes on fur or paws until it is tested first by our family, our core principle is simple, if you can’t eat or drink it, we don’t make it. Our family like our products are slightly eccentric, so we say unleash your creativity, defy convention, embrace whimpering imagination, never accept that life should life be ordinary.’

Available directly on our website and leading independent retailers.

For All DogKind

For All DogKind is a range of award-winning natural grooming products. Using healthy and healing essential oils, our products are ethically sourced and luxuriously kind to hounds and humans. We believe in doing what is best for our pets, because every dog deserves to look, feel and smell great – naturally! Our collection of four shampoos cater for breeds of all needs and our Daily freshener scent spray will mask those unwanted odours, anytime, anywhere!

Available directly on our website and from most independent pet shops and veterinary practices.


HOWND is an award-winning ethical UK brand that manufactures high quality natural pet care products and accessories. We offer an eye-catching shelf-ready grooming range comprised of natural conditioning shampoos, body mists, travel wipes and balms for dog owners and professional groomers. HOWND grooming products are premium, yet affordable; certified by Cruelty Free International, and endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation. You will find the official Leaping Bunny stamp of approval on all packaging.

Available directly on our website and through Amazon, Ocado and Fetch. Select products from our range can also be found at all Pets at Home stores nationwide and select independent retailers.


Dogrobes are practical dog drying coats that are perfect to use after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing and working. Simple to fit and more effective than a quick towel rub, dogs dry quicker in Dogrobes. Thanks to the super-absorbent towelling fabric, dogs are usually dry in around 30 minutes. Dogrobes help protect surroundings from wet, muddy shake off, saving you time and effort cleaning up. Trusted by dog lovers since 2004, Dogrobes are proud to be made in Britain.

Dogrobes are available online and from select independent retailers nationwide.

Fetch and Follow

Fetch & Follow is a lifestyle brand for dog owners and those who love dogs. Our company’s ethos is to offer dog owners items, which are thoughtfully designed while being functional and fit for the everyday practicality of owning a dog.

Available directly on our website and in our London store.

Teddy Maximus

Teddy Maximus offers a wide range of products each inspired by fun, luxury British style. From beautiful Liberty Print florals to Shetland Wool and of course the iconic dog motif aka ‘the Signature Print’. So whether you have a City pooch or a Country loving hound you’ll find practical and thoughtful designs you’ll want to treasure.

Available directly on our website and leading independent retailers.

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Vet in the City offers a holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness. We visit a select number of doggy daycares in London, providing proactive healthcare and preventive medicine.